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Today is No Smoking Day in the UK. No Smoking Day is a campaign set up by the No Smoking Day charity that is dedicated  to helping people to quit smoking. It is run together with the British Heart Foundation with the aim of giving people the best chance of quitting. Conscious Healthcare fully supports No Smoking Day, so in honour we’ve decided to publish our 12 top tips for no smoking success. Good Luck to all those in the UK who picked today as their quit date and are starting on their smokefree journey!

Quit Smoking this No Smoking Day

Twelve Tips for Stop Smoking Success

1.      Choose a quit date

Choosing a date to quit helps you to focus your mind and prepare for giving up. It’s a good idea to give yourself a couple of weeks to prepare by telling friends and family, putting in place the support you need – for instance the smokefree services available on the NHS. And gives you time to really analyse your smoking habit before you give up, so that you know all the triggers that might be stumbling blocks to your success and giving you time to prepare for how you might deal with them.

If you’ve already done this step and decided that today is the day – Congratulations and Good Luck!

2.     Get rid of all your smoking paraphernalia before your quit date

Getting rid of everything makes it harder for you to give in to that cigarette that’s left in the packet and helps give the signal to your unconscious mind that you are now smokefree and this is a serious quit attempt.

3.    Write down all the reasons you like smoking

Doing this allows you to see why you’re smoking and helps you to formulate ideas of how else to satisfy the urges. For instance, if you smoke to get away from your desk at work for a few minutes, why not get away from your desk anyway, take a walk for a drink, or to chat to a colleague for a bit instead.

4. Write down all the reasons you want to quit

Writing down all the reasons you want to quit helps you analyse why it is you are giving up and helps you see whether you’re really ready to. If your main reason is because your Dr told you to then you’ll struggle with motivation as it isn’t really coming from you. Find the reasons that make you really determined to quit and you’re more likely to be successful.

5.   Write down all the things that worry you about quitting

A lot of people think they are smoking to relieve stress so they’ll be more anxious during a quit attempt. This is true but it’s because of the withdrawal of the nicotine, not because smoking actually calms people down, in fact it does the opposite by raising the heart rate etc. Weight is also an issue when giving up smoking, a lot of people replace the cigarette with food  – hypnosis can help with this but also being aware that this is a concern for you can help focus your mind on keeping to healthy choices.

6.     Be sure that it’s the right time to quit

Probably when you’re moving house, a relative is seriously ill, you’re bereaved, is not going to be the best time to quit. Highly stressful times can hinder a quit attempt so try to quit when life is coasting along. If this isn’t possible then make sure you get extra support for the stressful events that are going on in life.

7.    Get help

Joining a smoking cessation group or enrolling in a pharmacy quit smoking program helps to increase the chances of success. Withdrawal symptoms can be largely reduced by the use of nicotine replacement products so contact your nearest pharmacy and find out which products would be best for you.

8.   Tell all your friends and family

In fact tell everyone you know. Start telling them you are a non-smoker and ask them not to offer you a cigarette. Watch out for those jealous of your quit attempts as they may offer you a cigarette to help themselves feel better that they are still smoking.

9.      Plan to avoid places you normally smoke for the 1st 14 days of quitting

The first three days are the most important but it will still be a large temptation in the next few weeks. If you always smoke when you’re drinking alcohol, you can reduce your chances of giving in if you avoid being in the situation for the first two weeks. It won’t be practical to avoid these places forever but you’re giving yourself a better chance of success if you give them a miss for a while.

10.  Use Hypnosis

There is the physiological side of smoking that can be helped by nicotine replacement, but any addiction has a psychological element to it too. Hypnosis helps with this side of the addiction by engaging the unconscious mind in a positive way to break down any barriers to change and dissolve the usual triggers. Completing the steps leading up to this one will help the hypnosis to have the maximum effect as reasons for smoking and triggers identified can be worked into a personalised script.

Hypnopro Stop Smoking App is currently in development and will be available to download to your smartphone very soon – so keep an eye out!

11.  Increase your vitamin C intake.

Smoking increases the loss of Vitamin C from your tissues and blood. It is a powerful antioxidant that is important for helping to eradicate toxins from the body and smokers, because of the extra loss, actually need more Vitamin C to help reverse the damage done to cells and tissues. Increase your vitamin C intake and you are helping your body repair as you become smokefree.

12.  Start a savings plan for something you really want – then reward yourself with it.

A reward is a great way to keep you motivated and what better way to use the money that you’re going to save now that you’ve stopped smoking? With a 20 pack of cigarettes now costing around £7, giving up could save you £2,500 in a year if you smoke 20 a day – that’s a fairly good amount to put towards something you’ve always wanted if you ask me!

So Good Luck with your quit attempt! It’s worth it for so many health and financial benefits!

Remember to keep an eye out for the Hypnopro Stop Smoking….coming very soon!


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If one of your resolutions this year was to quit smoking but you haven’t quite managed it, never fear – No smoking Day is on March 14th this year and Conscious Healthcare is gearing up to help make that quit attempt a complete success!

Quitters in Glasgow can get themselves along to the group hypnosis session that will be running from 7pm. Venue still to be confirmed as yet – but it will be a great chance to meet others like yourself, ready and determined to quit that habit! It is also a fantastic chance to experience smoking cessation hypnotherapy for a fantastic price, only £10!

There are also four personal sessions being offered during the day itself at the cut price of £50 (normally £80!)

If that’s not enough, quitters booking sessions throughout March can benefit from 10% off the normal price – quoting SMOKE when booking.

For those not in Glasgow, never fear – plans are afoot for the next app! And yep, you guessed it – it’s Stop Smoking! Although the timings of this are planned for around No Smoking Day, we’ll keep you up to date with how that’s developing…good things are sometimes worth waiting a little longer for!

And if all that fails (no smartphone?) then the MP3 will be available for download too.

Get in touch to find out how Conscious Healthcare can supplement your quit attempt to help make it the success you know you’re capable of! 🙂

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The app that will help you pass those exams!

It’s a very exciting day for Conscious Healthcare with the launch of the Hypnopro Exam Confidence Android App! And the good news doesn’t stop there, the Iphone one is on it’s way next week!

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