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The app that will help you pass those exams!

It’s a very exciting day for Conscious Healthcare with the launch of the Hypnopro Exam Confidence Android App! And the good news doesn’t stop there, the Iphone one is on it’s way next week!


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It certainly has been an exciting week for Conscious Healthcare this week! I’ve been in the recording studio, trying to get the audio down for the hypnotherapy app that we’re launching in conjunction with Ooplah. It has been the first time I’ve tried to record a spoken audio so was much harder than I expected but oh was it quite a buzz! And to think that was a work day! I do see lots more time spent in that studio but it will be well worth it when the audio’s come out. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Will keep posting updates on the progress of that one.

The pain has started to ease off this week too which has been brilliant. I went back to work full time and luckily mentioned to a colleague that I’d joked about the pain being my body rejecting my job. After a bit of a chat about it, we’re now collaborating on an exciting project that might allow me to incorporate not only my hypnotherapy but my new independent prescribing qualification too! That’s all I’ll say about it right now as it is an idea in its infancy but possibly will update when I know more.

Went along to a marketing workshop too this week, which generated lots of ideas and potential for the future of Conscious Healthcare so looking forward to sharing all when the time is right!

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“The greatest evil is physical pain” Saint Augustine

It’s amazing the impact that pain can have on your life. I now have full sympathy for those with Chronic pain. Not that I didn’t sympathise before, I just didn’t understand really. It’s now been months since the appendix came out and I’m still not back to “living my life to the full thanks to my health” to quote um, me.

Frustration has been the over-riding emotion and to be honest, today I really got bored with myself moaning about it! Why haven’t I used hypnotherapy on myself to fix it? Cause…why?? There’s been part of me thinking that I can’t be moving forward with my hypnotherapy stuff because I’m off sick from my NHS job and that’s not allowed. If I can work on the hypnotherapy stuff, can’t I be at work?

I’m now doing a phased return to work, using annual leave, which is alleviating some of my guilt. Not all though. Hmm, just realised that this is my fourth(?) post and guilt has come up in two of them. Anyone guess I was raised a catholic?!

Truth is, I haven’t told work about Conscious Healthcare, and I feel like I’m cheating on work to be promoting it. It’s only just dawned on me now though that I’ve worked on Conscious Healthcare outside work and I’ve never advertised the fact that my clinic appointments are evenings, weekends and can be booked on one day-time a fortnight – as I work longer hours the other days to allow me to have an extra day off a fortnight.

I am fortunate to have a flexible job, in healthcare, which I am passionate about. I am also fortunate that the job allows me to learn every day and pays me well that I don’t need to work outside it. I do though, because pharmacy has never been enough for me. I’ve always believed in the psychological aspect of health, which did eventually lead me to hypnotherapy. And I guess is the reason for my absolute frustration at this pain I’m still getting. I’ve always believed pain is your body’s way of trying to tell you something – so why am I not listening??

I’ve said in the last couple of days, more than once, that perhaps this pain is my body rejecting my job. It has been something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. I haven’t been all that satisfied in my role, a lot to do with the fact that my current role has been focussed very much on trying to save the NHS money. I do think it is important to utilise the resources to the best we can, but now we are finding that the savings are getting harder and harder to achieve. Patients are all individual, with individual needs so it’s difficult to blanket switch everyone onto one type of drug because it is the most cost effective option.

My role has taken a long time to get into though too, I’ve invested the time in building relations with colleagues that I have a lot of time for. Although my role can be an isolated one at times, I do visit the same five practices a week and have done for over two years now. I also see my own pharmacy team regularly, and have a lot of time for my peers. My boss has just returned from Maternity leave and it’s lovely to have her back. She’s been very supportive of my return to work and I managed to admit to her that I find sometimes I’m bored – so she’s keen to do something about that. Truth is, I’m not ready to give up on it yet as there are so many benefits.

Conscious Healthcare is something I believe in too though, so where do you strike the balance – and how do I make sure that I’m not just working all the time? I had a yogi tea the other day that had the message “the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment” – it was so true for me that I tweeted it – and posted in on Conscious Healthcare’s facebook page (which is as sparce as this blog!)

Hypnotherapy can grow itself organically, I offer evening and weekend slots (not Friday evenings though, those are for fun!) Ooplah are developing a hypnotherapy app for Android and iphone that I am doing the audio for, and hopefully will be developing a whole range in the not so distant future too. And I can blog regularly too, as I intended to before – this one’s been sparked by the wordpress postaday challenge that I’ve only just become aware of. I am participating in the postaweek challenge on Conscious Healthcare and going to set up Conscious Writing to participate in postaday.

Rant over. Hoping the pain will start to subside now that I’ve decided not to reject my job for now until I have a clearer idea of where I’m headed.

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“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.”
—Mary Pickford

Conscious Healthcare has been a germ of an idea since 2006. Not of the e-coli variety though, thankfully. (Ah look at me…topical!) This germ I want to incubate. I’ve even had a go at blogging before but stopped when I’ve hit an obstacle, or it’s brought up “stuff” – life phlegm that needed coughed up and cleared – best for all that is done in private, it’s just common decency, no-one likes being coughed on do they? Especially with all these mammalian, avian flu’s springing up everywhere, gets people twitchy I find.  So mucus gone, why not create a new start for Conscious Healthcare on new platform?

I’ve had my own personal fresh start recently having called off my wedding, which would have been on the 21st June this year. It was a step that I didn’t take lightly, although I am now looking forward to a frivolous day at Alton Towers on that date. Found out recently it’s also national kissing day, can’t decide whether I think that’s funny or slightly cruel fate! Actually I’m single now, I can kiss as many people as I want can’t I? Maybe it is just fate!

Conscious Healthcare, to me, is about recognising that everything you do has an impact on your health. It includes every aspect of your life, and means if you are not being authentic in one area, or feel that something is out of balance, then it is likely that your health is out of balance too.

While I don’t want to go into detail about my relationship, out of respect for my ex-fiance, I will say that the wrong relationship has a large impact on your health. In the run up to the wedding, instead of feeling excitement, energy and a flowing sense of being on the right path, I was feeling nauseous, anxious and even depressed sometimes as I looked at a future that I couldn’t align with my picture of my ideal life.

I do want children, and I’m not getting any younger(!) but I also believe it is an incredible responsibility, that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Children will look up to me to teach them about life and love, and I feel that it is my duty to ensure I am teaching them about the importance of integrity, authenticity and being true to yourself and your core values. These are things I wasn’t honouring in that relationship, so how could I teach it if I wasn’t living it myself?

I do believe the first step on a journey into conscious health is identifying your core values – how can you live them if you don’t know what they are? This is where the hypnotherapy came in for me. It helped me to engage the unconscious mind, and get really clear on what was important to me.

Identifying values can be a key part in the hypnotherapy process, whether it be for smoking, weight loss, confidence, or any of the multitude of things that hypnotherapy can help with. It is something I suggest all my clients look at and find that those who really embrace the process get the most out of their sessions with me. I’ll write more on this in the weeks to come.

Let’s take this journey to conscious health together.

Looking forward to meeting you along the way,

Live, Love, Laugh and do it consciously,

Lynn x

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