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It certainly has been an exciting week for Conscious Healthcare this week! I’ve been in the recording studio, trying to get the audio down for the hypnotherapy app that we’re launching in conjunction with Ooplah. It has been the first time I’ve tried to record a spoken audio so was much harder than I expected but oh was it quite a buzz! And to think that was a work day! I do see lots more time spent in that studio but it will be well worth it when the audio’s come out. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Will keep posting updates on the progress of that one.

The pain has started to ease off this week too which has been brilliant. I went back to work full time and luckily mentioned to a colleague that I’d joked about the pain being my body rejecting my job. After a bit of a chat about it, we’re now collaborating on an exciting project that might allow me to incorporate not only my hypnotherapy but my new independent prescribing qualification too! That’s all I’ll say about it right now as it is an idea in its infancy but possibly will update when I know more.

Went along to a marketing workshop too this week, which generated lots of ideas and potential for the future of Conscious Healthcare so looking forward to sharing all when the time is right!


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